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Top 4 Developers for a Startup in London

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The ever-increasing competition in the fintech industry surely has a huge impact on the emergence of next-generation establishments to win higher market shares and bigger audiences. One of the key tactics to succeed in multiple operations simultaneously and without delays is core banking software deployment.

In a nutshell, it is a back-end network with several tech add-ons to optimize outdated legal systems and ensure seamless data flows and streamlined financial operations. For those interested in running startups in London, the UK, it is crucial to decide on what third-party service to rely on — on-premises installations tend to be a daunting task with unbearable upfront investments.

In this guide, let’s take a closer look at fintech software developers. Stay tuned to define your partner to the best tools for your top-notch performance in the market.

Criteria for Selection

Overall, the search for a software development partner in the fintech market can be described in these simple steps:

  1. Business analysis — to define what project to work on and the core needs and expectations to satisfy.
  2. Research — to check the palette of service providers available locally and outside of your niche.
  3. Request for Proposal — to create a project idea outline to see what solutions prospective companies can offer.
  4. Evaluation — to estimate the received offers and discuss post-launch assistance.
  5. Decision — to choose the best service for startups and investors in London.

More basic parameters for data-driven results include:

  • pricing;
  • company maturity and domain expertise;
  • cooperation models;
  • technological agility;
  • cyber protection measures;
  • scalability and interoperability.

Let’s discuss some of these decision-making aspects in more detail!

Expertise and Specialization

Unique frameworks, performance principles, and programming languages define a selection of software development niches. Narrowing down the palette of options will help startups achieve the results they desire with minimum available resources. In-depth knowledge stands for more tailored services. You can find what you are looking for among the companies specialized in:

  • cloud software development;
  • security applications;
  • big data, NoSQL, and relational databases;
  • API integrations;
  • complex projects like custom core banking systems with built-in reporting, regulatory compliance, account management, risk mitigation tools, and other features;
  • web applications to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • full-stack software;
  • back-end development based on C++, Java, and other programming languages;
  • front-end development via the likes of JavaScript and HTML.

Even if your goal is to get a core banking system for your startup, more specific ideas will come in handy to personalize the project — blockchain features, P2P payment solutions, digital wallet support, crowdfunding tools, and more.

Experience with Startups

Such companies require creative decisions to make things work and compete with more established companies in the niche. Painting on a blank canvas with a project’s idea at disposal requires a different level of responsibility and knowledge, which is why cooperating with startups is a challenge and a great opportunity to explore software engineering from unexpected angles.

Project Portfolio

With this collection of work samples, you get behind the scenes of on-site advertisements and service packages. Analyzing those is essential for estimating the real skills of the team, its experience, capabilities, and vision. Feel free to request a portfolio of works before hiring any experts in software engineering for long-term or short-term cooperation.

Client Testimonials and Feedback

By analyzing reviews of former and loyal customers of the target software development company, you can see whether its approach is truly user-oriented. Such displays showcase how willing its audience is to recommend its services and the exact reasons why people prefer its deals to alternatives in the market. Given the variety of solutions available to startups, these hints are extremely helpful in making the best choice.

Top 4 Developers to Choose in 2024

The emergence and following implementation of new technologies will have a huge impact on the evolution of fintech systems of any kind. Whether it relates to the global core banking software market or other shares, such parameters are projected to keep increasing at steady CAGR ratios. To begin their journeys as competitive businesses, startups have to cooperate with prominent software developers with diverse service delivery models and premium-class performance practices.

Here are the top five companies to rely on and realize sophisticated startup ideas in the fintech industry. Onwards!

1. Dashdevs

This company can be your dream choice if you are looking for technical assistance in such projects:

  • high-tech consulting for startups;
  • quality assurance;
  • fintech software development;
  • Cloud & DevOps;
  • UI/UX design;
  • web and mobile development services, to mention a few.

Dashdevs has creative minds behind its coding. It is trusted by Y Combinator Startups and is an official partner of Rakbank, NatWest, Zeux, AWS, and other companies in over fifty countries.

You can easily analyze the company’s case studies and see how its tools enable startups to earn remarkable reputations in e-commerce, fintech, travel, retail, and other industries. The list of platforms and apps created thanks to its tool stack is known for these titles:

  • iOL Pay is a multifunctional fintech product with more than 250 payment methods, 26 languages, and so on in the hospitality market. Dashvers has worked on the app’s development from ideation to launch, including such steps as solution architecture, back-end development, quality assurance, and cloud in banking.
  • This software developer has also participated in the creation and launch of MuchBetter, an award-winning payment application in the UK. Thanks to its tools, the app has gained features like e-wallet capabilities, virtual ledger, KYC & KYB, unified APIs, TFA, and much more.

Key Projects and Achievements

While Dashvers is a good service provider of custom core banking systems, it is far from the only offer it is recognized for:

  • Advanced account management — this type of tool is intuitive and lets you boost web or app visitor satisfaction by 30% and beyond, gaining an upper hand in conquering markets and winning target audiences’ attention.
  • Open banking — its tools allow for simple and secure sharing of large volumes of data with up-market integrations with third-party CRM and financial applications.
  • Fintech Core notifications — you can act swiftly and cater to your clientele’s requests without difficulty. This vendor guarantees real-time updates on crucial performance-related announcements, including details about transactions, deposits, account settings, etc.
  • Risk mitigation and fraud detection — with AML, SSL protocols, and other regulatory compliance, its systems are designed to build trustworthy connections with customers and detect suspicious financial activities on time. This intuitive interface lets you create different usage scenarios for personalized security alerts too.

Why They’re Great for Startups

Dashvers can help you skyrocket your startup’s development and growth with its customizable and agile service packages:

  • You won’t suffer from inconsistent brand identity problems with a unified and simplified company image created via white-label projects.
  • Rely on its modular offers to streamline maintenance processes and minimize operational expenditures in the long run.
  • As a software development team, Dashvers benefits startups with highly innovative and scalable projects. You can book a demo of existing systems to see how things work at their end.
  • Forget about high-entry barriers, complex integration processes, and cumbersome development cycles.

2. Oracle

The company’s statistics speak for itself:

  • more than eighty-five thousand customer references;
  • over three hundred thousand cloud community members;
  • more than thirty thousand client testimonials;
  • around five hundred thousand customers around the globe.

Its services cater to the interests of businesses of all sizes and industries of any type, and checking the partners of the brand proves how transferable and effective its software development skills are:

  • AT&T in the USA, the telecommunications market;
  • Travelport in the UK for business services;
  • retraced in Germany, the software and cloud service industry;
  • Charles Taylor Insure Tech in the UK for software and cloud services;
  • Abbey International Finance in Ireland, the investment banking field;

Start your journey with two service palettes from this company:

  • Oracle Cloud Applications — if you want to advance your performance in retail, fintech, transportation, and other industries right from the launch, this portfolio of apps will deliver easy access to next-gen technologies. They guarantee consistent results with AI tools, data encryption, etc., and serve as SaaS products.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure — as the name implies, this platform is established to help startups run any application they want to create in a secure and fast-to-market manner. You can try it for free and see its efficiency in practice.

Oracle products and software development tools let you get the most out of modern UX and UI designs, well-thought-out user experiences, and intuitive updates. Its services are appliances for mission-critical functions of multiple businesses — from Western Digital to FedEx, Mazda, and Baylor University.

Key Projects and Achievements

The suite of tools from this band contains several capabilities essential for effective, competent, and relevant project management strategies. It assists in successfully supervising existing fintech systems and establishing new products for startups. Oracle programs allow investors to rapidly assess how implemented initiatives are functioning across the organization. They also let interested parties take a new perspective on the target product’s specialty, geographic reliability, and so on.

Its selection of tools is varied and created with utmost compatibility and adaptability in mind. You will benefit from establishing your custom projects via interfaces like:

  • Oracle Supply Chain;
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis;
  • Oracle Project Billing;
  • Oracle Financials;
  • Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Projects;
  • Oracle HRMS, etc.

The right combination of instruments for fintech products leads to a more effective workflow at the startups’ end, including their lasting life cycle.

Why They’re Great for Startups

You won’t be disappointed by preferring this suite of instruments for your startups in London:

  • compliance offerings for multiple markets and industries;
  • data governance;
  • robust and multilayered security schemes;
  • consistent and customer-oriented pricing policies;
  • numerous high-performance versions of Oracle tool stacks to choose from;
  • impressive service scalability;
  • easy integration with third-party tools and apps, including other cloud service providers;
  • up-market database performance.

3. IBM

The International Business Machines Corporation has been distributing its services since 1911 and is a nice sample of how legacy systems can transform and transition to modern and ever-improving versions of themselves with every passing decade. Its exceptional impact on the evolution of technology and computing isn’t under debate, but its current achievements aren’t less impressive. You can get started with AIBM AI and accelerate innovation implementation at your site:

  • You can learn from the best and become part of this enthusiastic community to receive numerous advancements for your portfolio. The key benefit is that it is a beginner-friendly offer. It is sufficient for startups at any stage of their evolution.
  • IBM services are designed to assist startups find investors locally and globally thanks to their scaling tools. Long-term cooperation with this brand will level up your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and partners.
  • Another excellent aspect is that you can earn free cloud credits and try advanced IBM technologies without extra charges. The upper limit of credits to gain is $120,000, which opens the door to over one hundred and thirty exceptional tools — IBM Analytics, IBM Blockchain, Watson AI, and other integrations.

Book consulting meetings and technical advisory sessions to ensure your preparedness for MVP and full-cycle project launch in the chosen area.

Key Projects and Achievements

The list of IBM inventions is truly impressive — from unique types of computers to the hard disk drive. At the moment, the realm of hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions is among the most sought-after offers for startups in its collection of deals.

As the digital era progresses, this brand’s ability to negotiate the changing technological landscape establishes it as a constant powerhouse to recognize and rely on. IBM is a leading developer and trendsetter and keeps introducing innovative horizons:

  • in-memory computing;
  • AI-empowered projects for establishing neuromorphic systems and devices;
  • snap machine learning to accelerate the speed and efficiency of GPU and CPU systems and ML models;
  • in-depth analysis of sensitive data with Synderella, a professional instrument for synthetic information generation;
  • training language models;
  • the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox and Deep Search.

Overall, IBM is a tech giant known for:

  • its sustainability performance practices;
  • research and development breakthroughs, including fields like quantum computing;
  • comprehensive solutions for businesses globally.

If you want to answer complex technological challenges through your startups first, go for IBM services and expertise.

Why They’re Great for Startups

Thanks to IBM services, interested parties can streamline strong IT and business alignment and reach their goals in different projects:

  • business intelligence;
  • core banking systems;
  • data warehousing;
  • network migration;
  • application establishment from ideation to post-launch support and maintenance.

IBM readily shares its deep technological expertise, which certainly helps startups become a part of tech history in prospective fields. With continuous learning and non-stop search for improvements and innovations, this software engineering provider is exactly what startups require for effective long-term growth and marketing tactics.

4. Temenos

Founded in 1993, this brand is a prominent solution for startups and seasoned companies interested in fintech and banking software. Its strategies to implement cutting-edge tools and innovations have led to its trend-setting status in the market:

  • over five hundred million customers on a daily basis;
  • nearly three thousand partners with most world’s top banks, including Nordea, Canadian Western Bank, and Santander International.

The latest open API technology, cloud-based tools, and support for multiple regulatory standards allow for secure tangible value delivery to startups and different-sized businesses:

  • flawless workflows via Temenos apps and interfaces for fund administrators;
  • end-to-end payments and access to a wide selection of payment methods and types;
  • cloud-agnostic and mobile-first solutions for premium-class business banking;
  • advanced wealth management, account administration, and risk mitigation tools;
  • corporate banking solutions, letting enthusiasts link to multiple financial networks in a couple of clicks;
  • retail banking services.

Startups can use Temenos as a high-end information source and achieve new horizons with its videos, webinars, and other online learning tools. Based on its success stories, you can define what tactics and banking software versions will accelerate your own company’s growth.

Key Projects and Achievements

Initiatives like Temenos Infinity and Temenos Transact prove their worth as tools to provide top-notch customer experiences and increase the startup’s global network right away. These digital and user-oriented client-facing systems are omnichannel and league unforgettable first impressions:

  • Temenos Infinity — this platform simplifies the integration of contemporary and tech-driven banking services without compromising back-office systems and their performance. Its services are available across several mediums and can be installed on-premise or adopted as cloud-based or SaaS core agnostic tools. They are remarkable in boosting agility and establishing smart digital experiences.
  • Temenos Transact — this core banking software lets startups release products in cycles at accelerated development and deployment rates, which transforms the way digital banking works overall. Its tools are compliant with the latest regulatory norms and market practices, which helps expand available customer segments for beginner-level businesses without drying out their human and financial resources.

Why They’re Great for Startups

One of the reasons to choose Temenos as your startup’s partner lies in the speed it releases new products. It’s clear how technologically advanced and creative this software developer is, letting you create something drastically different from a traditional bank but without going overboard. Its services are perfect to bring together ever-changing market trends and the core values of your business initiative. They are superior for clients seeking agile and scalable projects.

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