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Myths and Truths About Lesbian Dating in Wales and Other Parts of the World

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Myths are spread by those who lack knowledge and understanding. They rarely think about the consequences of their actions. They spread lies because it makes them feel better about themselves. 


Some people prefer to debunk myths instead of spreading them, so we’ll do just that. 

If you’re a Welsh lesbian or lesbian planning to visit Wales, this article should feel like chamomile tea for your heart… 

Lesbian Relationships Are Always Stereotypically Masculine/Feminine 

“Cool, which one of you is a man?” 

“Oh, you’re the one with short hair and more muscular! You’re the man in a relationship, right?” 

Lesbian couples hate when random people try to fit them into their visions of masculine or feminine. And that happens because they lack understanding. 

Everyone who spends 30 minutes on a decent lesbian dating site knows that ladies don’t put “feminine” or “masculine” into their descriptions. And their profile photos aren’t in wedding dresses or lumberjack outfits. Once 2 local girls who meet on the site arrange a live video chat, they never ask each other if they are more masculine or feminine. They hang out before they get ready to meet in person. 

So, to debunk this forever – there’s no male and female in lesbian relationships. 

All Lesbians Hate Men 

Just because a woman is attracted to other women, it doesn’t mean she hates men. It makes no sense… Attraction isn’t the opposite of hatred. If this myth about lesbians was true, then it’d be true that hetero men hate all hetero men just because they are attracted to women. 

And that isn’t true. 

Most lesbians have male friends and have strong bonds with some men in their lives. Of course, there are probably some women who hate men and happen to be gay, but that’s connected to personal experiences and traumas, not sexual orientation. 

Lesbian Dating is Easier in Progressive Areas 

While it may be tempting to assume that dating is simpler for lesbians in progressive, LGBTQ-friendly cities, the reality isn’t that pink. Such areas offer more visibility and support for lesbians, but they are by no means immune to the challenges… 

More opportunities mean more competition and more competition means fewer dates or working harder for the same amount of dates. Even online dating platforms in such areas get crowded, so some women feel like they can’t get enough attention. One of the ways to be more efficient on dating platforms is by using manual filters to pinpoint the best matches. 

Yet, that still doesn’t mean that dating will become easy for lesbians (at least not to the degree some people expect).  

Wales is Less Accepting of LGBTQ+ Relationships 

Despite historical challenges, Wales has made significant strides in LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in recent years. Now, there are LGBTQ+ communities across the country. And looking at some decisions, one feels that politicians seem to care about their people. 

Thanks to some local dating platforms, lesbians and other LGBTQ+ members can meet and chat without risking that they may stumble upon some close-minded person who still doesn’t know that Wales is deep in the 21st century. 

Lesbian Dating Apps Are Only for Hookups 

While some apps cater to casual hookups, there are platforms designed for lesbians seeking meaningful relationships. The same as in every other niche of dating, lesbians can choose the type of relationship they’d like to start and pick a dating site accordingly. 

Lesbian Couples Don’t Face Domestic Violence 

Like any other couple, lesbian couples can experience domestic violence. Just because two women are dating. It doesn’t mean they don’t get into fights, and it doesn’t mean that those fights sometimes get out of control. Remember that domestic violence isn’t always physical, which makes debunking this myth even simpler. 

Can you imagine that one woman is passive-aggressive toward another woman? Can you imagine one trying to control every aspect of their partner’s life? 

So how can anyone say that there’s no domestic violence in lesbian relationships? 

Lesbian Relationships Are More Likely to End in Breakup 

It’s not like there’s some mathematical rule set that shows how likely a couple is to break up based on their sexual orientation. Just saying that as a joke sounds silly, yet some people still think that lesbian relationships can’t last. 

Again, it comes back to a lack of understanding… 

Every couple can break up. People get divorced after 50 years of building their lives together. Things happen. And breakups are rarely related to sexual orientation. There are other factors, such as career choice, desire to have kids, cheating… 

But none of those are happening more often to lesbian couples than couples of any other sexual orientation. Life happens. Sometimes things turn out well, sometimes not. It’s normal. Yet, as long as there’s understanding, there should be no myths. 


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