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Key Terms and Abbreviations in Airsoft

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Airsoft is a sport that’s becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger audiences who relish in the exhilarating airsoft skirmishes. It’s a topic you might frequently come across in casual chats or various online platforms. Often, it’s accompanied by a plethora of unique terms – integral to understanding the sport, yet can pose challenges for newcomers. To help you navigate through these jargons, we’ve compiled a succinct guide to some of the most crucial airsoft terms.

Airsoft Gun Replicas

Airsoft Gun,or ASG, represents firearm replicas (machine gun, rifle, shotgun, airsoft pistol etc.) that shoot plastic pellets (BB’s). Crafted to closely mirror the aesthetics of real firearms, these replicas are typically 1:1 scale models. The push for realism extends to their operation, employing various systems to heighten authenticity. However, they’re safe for recreational use, and no permissions are required to operate them. Ranging from pistols to rifles and shotguns, these airsoft guns come in an array of types and variants, each with distinct power and muzzle velocity.

AEG Replicas

In the airsoft world, AEGs, or Automatic Electric Guns, are some of the most commonly used airsoft guns. These automatic firearm replicas are equipped with an electric drive, powered by an inbuilt motor that manages all the internal mechanisms. This design lends them versatility and functionality.

GBB Replicas

GBB, or Gas Blow Back replicas, offer another variation of airsoft guns. These replicas leverage gas propulsion to simulate the Blow Back effect, mimicking the bolt recoil in real firearms. This feature accentuates the realistic experience of using GBB replicas.

Airsoft Gear

Beyond the airsoft guns, airsoft gear refers to all additional accessories used during skirmishes. These items, varying from player to player, enhance gameplay comfort and shooting accuracy, and are considered essential by many airsoft enthusiasts.


Hop-Up is a special mechanism utilized in airsoft guns designed to optimize the flight trajectory of the BB. By inducing spin on the BB, the Hop-Up allows it to maintain a stable flight path. The system comes in two versions – fixed and adjustable, with the latter allowing alterations in BB spin power to better adapt to gameplay conditions.

Blow Back

The Blow Back feature, present in certain gas and electric airsoft guns, replicates the bolt/slide recoil of real firearms. This creates an immersive experience for players, adding to the realism sought by airsoft enthusiasts.

BBs – Airsoft Ammunition

BBs are the ammunition of airsoft – small 6 mm diameter pellets, crafted from plastic or biodegradable material. The weight of the BBs, which should correspond to the airsoft guns muzzle velocity, along with other modifications, can significantly influence the accuracy and range of the shot.


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