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Local consultation dates set for Hynet pipeline project to run between Stanlow and Flint

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People across Flintshire have the chance to attend consultation events on a proposed carbon capture scheme that would see a pipeline built through Deeside to carry waste carbon offshore. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

A number of consultation events will take place between February and March including in Connah’s Quay, Queensferry and Northop. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Phase one of the ambitious plan will be to develop a pipeline to transport CO2 away from North West and North Wales industrial areas through Deeside and to store it in depleted gas reservoirs in Liverpool Bay. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

The scheme – called HyNet North West – is a collaboration of organisations which includes Liverpool Bay CCS Ltd, a subsidiary of Eni UK Ltd, the existing owner and operator of the Liverpool Bay gas fields. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

The mix of hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage (CCS) has the potential to cut the region’s carbon emissions by 25% in just five years-  the same as taking over four million cars off the road, according to HyNet. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

UK Government has said the decarbonising of industrial clusters are an essential part of “the journey to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as described in its 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

HyNet claims the project will “help retain existing jobs and create 6,000 more permanent jobs in the region, and many more during construction and across the wider UK.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​


The proposed CO2 pipeline compromises of two parts: the construction of a new underground pipeline, which then connects with an existing natural gas pipeline that will be repurposed so that it can transport CO2. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

The new CO2 pipeline will transport CO2 produced and captured from existing industrial premises in the Ince and Stanlow area. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

It will also transport CO2 from a new low-carbon hydrogen production plant at Stanlow. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

From here it will run south west through Cheshire and into Flintshire, connecting into the existing repurposed pipeline at a location near Flint. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

The existing onshore pipeline that will be repurposed runs from a location near the existing Connah’s Quay Power Station, and travels west through Flintshire to the existing Point of Ayr Gas Terminal in Talacre. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

The pipeline then runs underwater from the shoreline until it connects to the depleted gas reservoir where the CO2 will be injected. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​


The proposals include three different variations: Where the newbuild pipeline connects into the existing pipeline at Connah’s Quay; Crossing the River Dee; and How the newbuild pipeline extends from Stanlow to Ince. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Signs have been cropping up on land around proposed pipeline routes asking for landowners to contact the company. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​


While there will be concerns around the environmental impact of building a pipeline, HyNet says it will be buried underground at a depth of 1.2 metres or lower. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

“Any hedges, fences or other ground features would be replanted or replaced after construction.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

“Once constructed, you will not be able to see the pipeline although some above-ground marker posts will be visible.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Some above-ground installations will be used for the maintenance and operation of the pipeline these include sites where the pipeline will connect into existing industries. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

In some locations along the pipeline, installations called ‘block valves’ will be required, one is earmarked for Connah’s Quay ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

HyNet says it is “currently in the stage of identifying a suitable route for the new CO2 pipeline to follow.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Two options G and I are being considered for the consultation. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Both options share some similarities, “but also have some important differences for consideration.” Hynet says ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Based on detailed analysis, “the current favoured route is Option G.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​


HyNet said, “We identified potential routes through a staged approach of research and studies.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

“We firstly considered wide ‘corridors’ (broad areas of land) where the pipeline could be located.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

“We then assessed various options within these corridors, scoring them against a set of criteria, to identify two preferred routes.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

“The final stage of our route appraisal process will be to select a single route for which we will be seeking consent.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

“We will present our preferred route at a further public consultation later in the process to seek your feedback on our more detailed proposals.” ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​


As the newbuild CO 2 pipeline exceeds 16km in length, it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

That means that HyNet will need to apply to obtain a Development Consent Order (DCO) to be able to progress the project. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

It is the role of the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to make the final decision on whether to grant or refuse development consent forthe CO 2 pipeline project. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Purple – Existing Pipeline Scoping Boundary ~ Red – Newbuild Infrastructure Scoping Boundary

HyNet says it is seeking planning approval from Flintshire County Council for potential works to modify the existing pipeline and the facilities at the Point of Ayr Gas Terminal. ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

Consultation events

  • Tuesday 15 February – 2-4pm – Llanasa Village Hall, Llanasa, Holywell, CH8 9NF
  • Tuesday 15 February – 5-7pm – Talacre Community Centre, Gamfa Wen, Talacre, CH8 9RT
  • Monday 28 February – 3-7pm –  Vernon Institute, 62 Hermitage Road, Saughall, CH1 6EN
  • Saturday 5 March – 11am-1pm –  Quay Building, Fron Road, Connah’s Quay CHS 4PJ
  • Saturday 5 March – 2-4pm – Northop Village Hall, High Street, Northop CH7 6BQ
  • Saturday 5 March – 5-7pm Queensferry War Memorial Institute, Chester Road West, Queensferry, CH51SA

Online:  ‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌​

  • Saturday 19 February, 1-2pm – book your place at
  • Thursday 24 February, 6-7pm – book your place at
  • Friday 11 March, 11am-12pm – book your place at

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