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Investigation into finding mum of baby found in Towyn has ended with no success say police

Police have said the investigation into finding the mother of a baby girl who was found abandoned in a Towyn bus in July “has been brought to a close.”

Detective Chief Inspector Sion Williams said:

“Sadly, we have been unable to find ‘Mum’ despite a painstakingly meticulous investigation, assisted by our partner agencies and indeed information provided by those within our local community.

Our investigation has always been focused on Mum’s welfare, nothing more, nothing less.

Now that the critical health window has diminished and all conventional lines of investigation completed, the family team in Conwy County Borough Council are starting to plan the future for this beautiful little girl.

Whilst those plans are now in motion, there is clearly still a limited amount of time for Mum to come forward and have some involvement in her life and I would urge her to make contact with the family team at the Council in taking that first step.

There is a simple process for us to be able to confirm the maternal link, should Mum change her mind and want to positively contribute to her daughter’s future.

We know from a number of other reported cases that the psychological effect of not knowing your ancestry can impact on your adulthood and this is another reason why our investigation team have been tenacious in the manner in which they conducted their inquiries.”

Although the investigation has been brought to a conclusion, any new information that may come to light thereafter will be reviewed and consideration given to further work being undertaken.

Karen Smith from Conwy Council’s Family Team also made another direct plea to mum to come forward.

Karen said:

“As you know, your daughter is now 8 weeks old and we can tell you she’s doing well in foster care. We also need to let you know that we are going to start making plans for her future; this means we are going to be looking for an adoptive family for her.

“We would really like you to come forward and contact us if you are able, it will mean she has some information about where she comes from as she grows up.

We realise this may be difficult for you for various reasons, but it is important that you understand we are now starting to make permanent plans for your daughter’s future. Please phone me on 07710 860688.”