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Police say the prescription drugs issue in Buckley “has now been resolved.”


In an update from South Flintshire Policing Team this evening, Sunday March 4, a spokesperson said:

“Further to the last (incident post), this matter has now been resolved. Many thanks”

From earlier:

Officers from South Flintshire Policing Team say they have concerns that a group of people who attended a house party on Saturday night may have taken prescription drugs and could be in need of ‘medical assistance’

Police have received information that those attending the party somewhere in the Buckley area may have taken the drugs and are now trying to find the location house.

In an update on their Facebook page a spokesperson for South Flintshire Police said:

“We have received information that there was a house party last night. We have concerns that people at that party may have taken prescription drugs and due to this they may now need medical assistance, if so then please seek medical help as soon as possible.

If anyone has any information about the location of the party last night in the Buckley area then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 101 and let us know, incident W027211″