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BelugaXL: Police ask drivers to be “mindful of road safety and park considerately” around Hawarden Airport

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Feb 14th, 2019.

North Wales Police are asking members of the public to be “mindful of road safety and please be considerate when parking” this afternoon ahead of the first landing in the UK of BelugaXL to new Airbus transport plane.

In a post on social media a spokesperson for South Flintshire Police said:

“Due to considerable expected interest in the BELUGA XL AIRCRAFT arrival at AIRBUS this afternoon, can members of the public please be mindful of road safety and please be considerate when parking.

Officers will be in attendance to ensure this is adhered to, and we would rather not have to take enforcement action on what should be a memorable occasion for aircraft enthusiasts.”

BelugaXL is due to land at the Hawarden Aerodrome today at 3.30pm, subject to any late changes.

Earlier this week Airbus advised sightseers to head to Chocks Away Diner on the aviation park to prevent problems on the public highways.

Phil McGraa – Community Relations Manager at Airbus said:

“Once the aircraft lands, it will be carrying out ground tests, which will include testing of the turning circles.

A staff and media event will then take place on the apron by the Beluga Line Station. 

Airbus has an official, fully authorised, drone assisting in the test programme on the day.

No other drone activity is permitted in accordance with CAA rules, but we wanted to assure you this single drone is part of the test programme.

On the Friday, the BelugaXL will undergo further ground testing within the Beluga Line Station. It will not be doing multiple take-offs and landings as some media has reported.”

The aircraft is due to take off from Hawarden on Saturday around lunchtime though time is again subject to change.

“Chocks Away Diner will again be the best vantage point for photos. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see this unique aeroplane come to the UK for the first time.”— Said Phil.


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