Posted: Thu 20th Jun 2024

From Portfolio to Paycheck: Building a Career in Face Modeling

Looking to make a buzz in the face modelling world and land your dream project? It is a big part of modelling. Face models often work with cosmetic brands. It is also called beauty modelling, which is generally a part of the beauty industry. The skincare industry comprises those industries dealing with makeup, skincare, etc. they must have spotless and well-groomed faces, as close-up shots are primarily taken in this field. A face modelling portfolio could help you directly reach potential clients.

If you are interested in this field, understand what it takes to become a face model. A face modelling or modelling experience will be advantageous but not mandatory. So, if you are thinking of building your career in face modelling, let’s explore how to become a face model.


What is important for face modelling

Face modelling is not just limited to a clean face. It shows your hair, eyes, colour, nose, eyebrows, smile, and expressions. It also means keeping your grooming game at the top. It could be like getting your skincare done every day, getting your eyebrows done or tinted to compliment the colour of the face, and keeping the diet right to have just the right amount of muscles and fats on the face. You must also understand your facial bone structure to understand which lighting and angle will show the best facial features.



Just like other modelling, face modelling also requires a portfolio. A portfolio is like a CV, which showcases your best work. The agencies and brands can review your portfolio and select you for a photoshoot. A modelling portfolio is a collection of work samples. A good and compelling portfolio will ensure that you get good jobs. When starting, you can compile all your best photos, but if you want a full-fledged modelling portfolio, you need to hire a makeup artist, hair stylist and professional photographer.

Every artist deserves a great collection of photos to showcase their work. The modelling industry thrives on impressions, and a modelling portfolio is just right for you. That’s why it is essential to have the best shots and compile them together. Have a portfolio that grabs attention in just a few seconds. Apart from photos, keep the material so good that it shows your dedication.


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How to get started with building your career in face modelling

Have a good social media presence. Through an excellent social media portfolio, you can reach a broader audience. More research will guarantee more visibility of your work. This will increase your chance of getting more projects and a diverse range of projects. You never know how many agencies, directors, brands and managers are looking for fresh talent, and you can be the perfect fit for their project.

  • Focus on the health of your face. People with clear skin will find it much easier to get work, especially when starting. Also, work on your smile and well-aligned teeth. Focus on haircare and well-trimmed and coloured hair that brings out the best facial cut. Practise different emotions on your face and practise different facial expressions.
  • Practice facial poses. To understand what’s trending, refer to famous brands’ latest magazines and photoshoots.
  • Select the correct photographer for you. Experiment with different makeup looks and lighting.
  • Select the best shots and get your portfolio prepared.
  • Have both digital and physical portfolios.
  • Show your versatility with different kinds of poses.


How do you choose the right facial experts for you?

You can choose a face modelling agency which has the following:

  • Must have years of knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry.
  • Professional photographers
  • Assist in building a professional portfolio from scratch
  • Support all: male face model, child model, female face model and plus size model.
  • Have great industry connections and a good portfolio of work with brands.


Even after having the most impressive portfolio, there could be a chance of failing to get good projects. This situation requires expert guidance. If you want to get into face modelling but need help figuring out where to start, New Idol Model will help you succeed. What is holding you back? Follow the steps mentioned above, connect with face model management experts and start your career as a face model.

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