Posted: Tue 18th Jun 2024

3 Car Safety Features That Every Car Must Have

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Accidental deaths on roads perish not just the victims but their survivors who grapple to live without them.

Unfortunately, road deaths, though preventable, are still a cause of concern for most nations around the world.

Governments can extend facilities to cope with situations, but without self-awareness, this will still be a looming crisis.

Mercifully, by prioritizing safe driving practices, we can reverse the number of accidental road deaths.

An important aspect of these practices is knowing the safety standards and features of the car in and out.

Owning and driving a car, with safety features like Perodua Myvi 2024 is one thing, and awareness of the alerts and action to be taken is totally another. 

A safe car encompasses both active and passive safety aspects.

However, the passive features protect passengers from fatalities during an accident only when the seat belt has been worn by them.

It is imperative to acknowledge that self-adherence to safety practices will help people tide over mishaps during accidents while driving the safest car that has been built and tested around the world.

Basic stuff like abstaining from multitasking when driving will save lives as reflexes are strong and collisions can be avoided.

Staying within the designated lane and speed limits is a requirement of the law of the land.

It is also a safety practice that you will thank every time you witness someone encounter a horrible accident while speeding.

Picking a car that can boast of unparalleled engineering to elevate the performance and safety features will help drivers and passengers enjoy their car in every sense.

So, here are some aspects that you should focus on when purchasing a new car:

  • Active And Passive Features

The safety features of a car can be broadly divided into two categories: active and passive. Active features have to be constantly gauging the condition of the car to prevent accidents. By using sensors and cameras one can monitor the car’s surroundings consistently. Anything out of tune is reported through warning alerts. Features such as anti-brake systems prevent the wheel from locking during hard braking allowing the driver maneuverability. Once the driver is in control, they can use the emergency handbrake to stop the car. Electronic stability control is another active feature that helps a driver cross blind spots and hairpin bends. Passive features such as airbags and seat belts reduce the impact of collision during an accident. However, most cars’ passive features are activated only when one is belted in their seat. 

  • Safety Ratings

The gold standard for the safety of cars is vetted through the ratings given by Global NCAP. This organization thoroughly checks and reviews the car based on its structural body strength, passenger protection for adults and children, and total impact during crashworthiness. It is recommended and wise to choose a car with a higher rating from GNCAP as the product has been reviewed and back-tested before launching in the market.


Be it a small, utility family car or a luxury one, it is imperative to thoroughly check the safety features of a car before investing in one. 

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