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Role of Letters of Recommendation in College Admissions

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College applicants are all trying to better their chances of getting admitted into their dream college. Yet, there is a limited number of spots for each college every year and, thus, there are more applicants than spots open. So, there comes the need for something that is going to make your application stand out among all the others. Here into play come recommendation letters.

As Hanne Keiling states, letters of recommendation are beneficial for college administrators because ‘It can help them form a more holistic view of each student and how they might perform at their institution.’

Why Is College Recommendation Important?

The administrators who review your college application don’t know you. Your teachers, on the other hand, do. They have had the chance to see your strengths and abilities and are more than capable of pointing them out to help the admission board in their choice.

Letters of recommendation help show:

  • Talents other than GPA and standardized tests
  • Personality
  • Character
  • Relationship with peers, teachers, and community

According to Georgetown University, ‘Around 80 percent of colleges and universities consider recommendation letters to be an important component of a college application, according to a survey from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). ‘

If the college admission officers see hundreds of applications that are all basically the same, you’d have a harder time getting accepted. Still, if you come in with strong letters of recommendation, they’d get the chance to see why you’d make a great fit for their college openings. After all, they are looking for well-rounded and academically and personally developed students who excel in a variety of regards. Getting an admission writer can greatly influence your overall presentation of the application and make it answer to even the highest of standards.

Some colleges require at least one to three letters of recommendation.

Usually, a recommendation letter for college should point out why you’d be a perfect match for a particular college or a given program. After all, especially when it comes to the top colleges, they are looking for someone who greatly deserves to be there and who can contribute and follow even rigorous study programs. Your teachers are aware of that and can aid you in showcasing your best abilities. Plus, this is sometimes even better than a motivational letter because it is an unbiased and professional document. More so if you have several such.

How Is a Letter of Recommendation Written?

There are many colleges in which one of the necessary documents to apply are letters of recommendation required to show how well can you handle the study program. Your teachers are most certainly aware of how to write such pieces and they can provide valuable help throughout your college application.

Generally, if you ask the best paper writing service, letters of recommendation should be written on a case-to-case basis, depending on where you apply and for what program. Since you’d probably be applying to more than one college, you’d need several letters of recommendation, everyone tailored to the college. If you need letters of recommendation help, there are professionals out there who can aid you in reaching a higher level of craftsmanship and professionalism to show in front of the admission board.

Usually, those letters are written in a way that pinpoints your biggest strengths. They are meant to show why you’d be a good student in a particular program, for a particular college, and, later, for a given profession. After all, colleges aren’t merely looking for someone to get in and drop out later or not use their degree at all. So, the letter of recommendation might also include a mention of how motivated you are and how likely to follow through with your studies.

There are different formulas for letters of recommendation writing. Some prefer to keep it professional; others like to add a bit of a personal touch. Usually, there’d be one or more personality traits of yours included to show how well-rounded a person you are and why you’d be a great fit, both academically and personally, for a particular college. Once again, that is why the letters should be tailored to the institution and program you’re applying to.

What More?

Especially helpful they can be for those who aren’t at the top-grade level. You might have had some troubles, personal issues, changes in life, priorities, etc. that could have reflected in your grades. Of course, that is why colleges usually look not only at the academic record and your GPA but at many more things to consider your application, not just as a mere number. In cases where the applicant isn’t having the best GPA, a well-crafted and correctly formulated letter of recommendation can be of huge importance to secure a spot at their desired college.

Likewise, they are of great aid to international students. Colleges need to consider wisely who they accept as an international student and, since there are thousands of applicants for any college institution, there exists the need to make your application stand out. Being a foreigner, you might be judged through different criteria, including your mastery of the language, the educational level and accreditation of the high school institution, the ability to obtain a visa, etc. Such issues are important and need to be closely looked into in a different article, so we won’t delve into them here. But we shall state once again that international students may have a much higher chance of being accepted if they have stellar letters of recommendation.


As we saw, there are many things college boards consider and consider when deciding who gets a spot at their institution. If there were fewer applicants, it would be easier, but the case is much different. So, when you apply to your dream colleges, you should make sure your application has something more to show than the applications of most of your competitors. Such ability is presented through recommendation letters.

After all, it’s always safer and more certain for colleges to accept people who have left a great impression on their teachers. You’ve been with those teachers for a long period of time, and they have gotten to know you both on an academical level and on a personal one. So, they can make sure the college admission administrators see what your greatest strengths are and what exactly can you offer to their institution. Thus, when you are considering your college application, try and get some letters of recommendation and, keep in mind, the in some institutions they are required.

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