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Gritters will be out and about in Flintshire today – Here’s why…

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Oct 10th, 2018.

Update: A council spokesperson said today’s test run was a success and no salt was used as part of this exercise.

We’re in  for a fine day of weather in Flintshire today, temperatures will hit around 22ºC with no rain forecast – but you may spot one of the councils gritters if your out and about on the roads.

Flintshire County Council fleet of gritters will be carrying out a dry-run to test the equipment and train drivers in preparation for the colder weather.

The council says it is well prepared for adverse weather conditions this winter and has plenty of rock salt stockpiled at its Alltami depot to spread on the counties roads as and when needed.

In the event of a cold snap, two ice sensor sites, one by the A55 at Brynford –  the other by the A541 at Hendre along with bespoke weather forecasts created for the council will assist in decision making process with regards to gritting actions taken.

Roads within the Flintshire are prioritised for treatment into Priority 1, 2 and 3 routes.

The council has a fleet of 14 bulk gritters which are deployed to treat nearly 400 miles of road surface during freezing conditions.

If snow falls the vehicles which are all fitted with snow scoops will clear ‘priority 1’ routes these will be pre treated ahead of forecasted snowfall.

The council snow ploughs will be backed up by a team of 38 agricultural contractors who will help clear the highways.

Following a fall of snow with significant accumulations clearance work will continue around the clock until all priority 1 roads are clear.

When the priority 1 roads cleared and safe all available resources will be dedicated to priority 2 roads.

Priority 3 routes will receive attention when resources are available and after all priority 1 and 2 roads have received appropriate attention.

Priority 1 gritting routes: ► Trunk Roads (48 kms) ► Class A Roads (151 kms) ► Class B and C Roads. (351kms) ► Strategic/ Important Bus Routes (8 bus services or more per hour) ► Main access roads to schools or establishments of higher education to. Town centre access and distributor roads through villages and housing estates ► Industrial Estate Roads (10.1Kms)

2200 tonnes of rock salt is currently stored at the council’s Alltami depot.

Due to national shortages of rock salt in previous years and following advice from the Welsh Government an additional strategic salt stock of 7000 tonnes is to be stored under sheeting at the Greenfield Recycling Site at Greenfield.

Map of gritting routes: click here

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