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Points and fine warning from police for drivers ignoring “No Entry” sign at top of Holywell High Street

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Jun 8th, 2018.

Police have issued a warning to motorists ignoring the “No Entry” sign at the top of Holywell High Street near the Victoria Pub.

Officers say they will prosecute drivers who ignore the instruction which prevents vehicles from driving against the one way direction of traffic on the High Street.

Holywell High Street reopened to traffic last month after more than 25 years of pedestrianisation for a six-month trial period, the move follows calls from local business owners who said it would boost trade.

Police have received a number of complaints about drivers ignoring the “No Entry” instruction and council CCTV cameras are being used to monitor drivers at the section of the High Street which exits onto the A5026.

A spokesperson for North Flintshire Police said:

“Despite several warnings issued we are still receiving complaints.

This action is necessary for the safety of pedestrians and other cars correctly using the High Street.

In summary please do not ignore the no entry sign near to the Vic Pub.

Failure to do so could result in a fine and possibly even points on your licence.

There are council CCTV cameras that will monitor this and we would much rather educate than enforce an easily avoidable issue.”

Commenting on a North Flintshire Police social media update, Carol said;

“Yesterday about 2.30 – ish I was walking up the High Street by Bevan’s and a *lady* was happily driving down the street her window was open I pointed out it was one way her reply was not very polite.”

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