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High performance cars may have been intended target for would-be thieves in Leeswood overnight

Police are warning residents in the Leeswood area to be vigilant after two attempted burglaries overnight.

Would-be burglars unsuccessfully attempted to gain entry into two the properties, both of which had performance vehicles parked outside, police believe the cars may be a link as to why these properties were targeted.

Flintshire Burglary Team are asking  residents to alert and take some basic precautions in light of these incidents, especially those who have high performance vehicles.

“Please review your home security and ensure vehicle keys are kept in a safe place. If you have a garage, use it. Always lock your car and your garage door. If you don’t have a garage, park on your drive or on a well lit street.” they say.

You should report any suspicious activity to Police – dial 101 for non-urgent calls, dial 999 if your call is urgent.

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