There are three types of warning issued when flooding is forecast.

These warnings are: flood alerts, flood warnings and severe flood warnings.

Flood alert iconFlood Alert

What does a Flood Alert mean? – Flooding is possible and you should be prepared
When is an Alert issued? – 2 hours to 2 days in advance of flooding
What causes an Alert?
  • Forecasts indicate that flooding from rivers may be possible
  • Forecast of intense rainfall for rivers that respond very rapidly
  • Forecasts of high tides, surges or strong winds
What should you do?
  • Be prepared to act on your flood plan
  • Prepare an emergency flood kit of essential items
  • Avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water
  • A Flood Alert could be upgraded to a warning so check for updates regularly


Flood warning iconFlood Warning

What does a Flood Warning mean? – Flooding is expected and immediate action is required
When is a Flood Warning issued? – half an hour to one day in advance of flooding
What causes a Flood Warning?
  • High tides and surges combined with strong wind
  • Forecasted heavy rainfall potentially causing flash flooding of rivers
  • Forecasted flooding from rivers
What should you do?
  • Protect yourself and your family
  • Move family, pets and valuables to a safe place
  • Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if it is safe to do so
  • Put flood protection equipment in place
  • Help others if you can
  • A Flood Warning could be upgraded to a severe flood warning so check for updates regularly


Severe Flood warning iconSevere Flood Warning

What does a Severe Flood Warning mean? – Severe flooding and danger to life
When is a Severe Flood Warning issued? – When flooding poses a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communities
What causes a Severe Flood Warning?
  • Actual flooding where the conditions pose a significant risk to life and/or widespread disruption to communities
  • Observations made in flooded locations
  • A breach in defences or failure of a barrier that could cause significant risk to life
What should you do?
  • Stay in a safe place with a means of escape
  • Be ready if you need to evacuate from your home
  • Co-operate with the emergency services.
  • Call 999 if you are in immediate danger

All flood warnings for Wales can be found here: