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Plans lodged for ‘major’ new retail development in Flint


Plans have been submitted to Flintshire County Council on behalf of Hollins Murray Group to build four new retail units in Flint.

The proposals include new Home Bargains and Iceland Food Warehouse stores which could bring a welcome jobs boost to the area.

Should planning be approved the four units will be built on existing car park space opposite the Jade Jones Pavilion, it is currently used as a parking overspill for the retail park and leisure centre.

The new units will be an extension to the existing retail park “improving the retail offer within Flint and enhancing the local economy” the plans say.

The overall design of the proposal has been developed in a “contemporary, modern style, a simple palette of materials has been utilised as to be in-keeping with the existing retail park.

  • The planning application seeks ‘full’ planning permission for the following:
  • Erection of four retail units providing 3,584 sq.m of floorspace;
  • Modification of the existing car park layout to provide 121 car parking spaces, including 10 accessible spaces and 10 staff spaces;
  • 20 bicycle parking spaces (10 Sheffield cycle hoops) in two locations;
  • 6 motorcycle parking spaces;
  • Soft and hard landscaping across the Site;
  • Servicing area to the rear of the proposed units and a modified access from the existing internal access road.

[/vc_column_text][mp_carousel_1 carousel_images=”55570,55569,55568″][vc_column_text]The planned Home Bargains is significantly larger than the existing one currently on the retail park, plans show the proposed new unit to be around 25,000sq ft.

The Liverpool headquartered discount chain founded in 1976 has over 400 stores in the UK, employs more than 17,000 people and had a reported turnover in access of £1.6bn in 2016.

The company already has stores in Connah’s Quay, Holywell as well as the existing store on Flint retail park.

Home Bargains typically employ around 50 staff per store and though many will simply transfer from it’s existing site the increased size of the proposed new store will almost definitely mean more roles being created .

The proposed Iceland Food Warehouse is the new store format from Deeside based Iceland Foods, it offers a wide range of frozen, chilled, fresh, branded grocery and homeware lines.

The new format stores were first launched in 2014, there are around 35 Iceland Food Warehouse’s across the UK which are often twice the size of regular Iceland stores, each employ around 30 staff.

Iceland Food Warehouse offers a wider range of products, and larger pack sizes and ‘Case Savers’ with the bulk savings are passed on to the customer.

Google Maps Tour of an Iceland Food Warehouse.

The two other units will be 1,585 sq ft each, no occupier has been identified  within the plans for these.

The Planning Authority is seeking comments from the public on the plans and a consultation period is in place to September 1 – you can comment by clicking here

Full List Of Planning Documents File size Mb
Sitecheck Assess Enviro – Top Car Park Flintshire Retail Park. Sitecheck Asesu Enviro – Maes Parcio Uchaf Parc Manwerthu Sir y Fflint 2.00
Transport Assessment Appendices H and I 1.10
Transport Assessment without H and I 4.04
Existing Site Plan (Demolition) LRW-7119-L(00)51D 0.52
Iceland & Units A-B Ground Floor Plant LRW-7119-L(00)58G 0.33
Iceland & Units A-C Mezzanine Level Plan LRW-7119-L(00)59E 0.26
Planting Plan – 2400 – 201 Sheet 1 of 2 0.92
Proposed Site A Plan Colour LRW-7119-L(00)55D 1.31
Proposed Site A Plan LRW-7119-L(00)54J 0.48
Roof Level Plan LRW-7119-L(00)57H 0.22
Site A Location Plan (Site Edged Red) LRW-7119-L(00)50A 0.14
Site A Sketch View 1 LRW-7119-L(00)25E 3.80
Site A Sketch View 2 LRW-7119-L(00)26E 3.20
Site A Sketch View 3 LRW-7119-L(00)27E 3.70
A Landscape Layout 2400 – 101 1.76
Application Form 0.16
Covering Letter 0.15
Framework Travel Plan_ISSUE 170706_276-01 2.23
Ground Floor Plan LRW-7119-L(00)56G 0.38
Iceland & Units A-C Roof Level Plan LRW-7119-L(00)60E 0.25
Noise Assessment 0.31
Pedestrian Route Photomontage LRW-7119-L(00)83 1.14
Planning & Retail Statement 0.67
Planting Plan – 2400 – 202 Sheet 2 of 2 0.79
Pre-Application Consultation Report Final(1) 2.44
Proposed Colour Elevations ABC LRW-7119-L(00)63C 2.64
Proposed Colour Elevations DEF LRW-7119-L(00)64C 2.92
Proposed Elevations A B C LRW-7119-L(00)61G 1.30
Proposed Elevations D E F LRW-7119-L(00)62D 1.61
Site A Design & Access Statement LRW-7119-L(00)65D 1.96
Site A Sketch View 4 LRW-7119-L(00)28E

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