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The Essential Guide to Linear Shower Drains for Your Wet Room

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When designing a wet room, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the drainage system. An efficient drainage solution ensures that water is effectively removed while also enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of the space. 

Among the various options available, linear shower drains, also known as shower channels, stand out for their practicality, durability, and style. 

Let’s explore what linear shower drains offer and why they are a great choice for your dream wet room.

Key Features of Linear Shower Drains

The linear drain is an effective shower drain system that offers:

Durability: Linear shower drains are constructed from high-grade stainless steel, which ensures exceptional durability and low maintenance.

Adjustable Legs: Adjustable legs allow you to accommodate various floor finishes from 8mm to 50mm. They provide universal fitting for a wide range of shower sizes and configurations.

Directional Slope: The floor is sloped towards the drain to ensure effective drainage and prevent water pooling. And, a larger surface area allows draining higher volumes of water.

Adjustable Frame: It allows fit to any floor thickness and level. This is great for installation flexibility with different flooring and designs.

Reversible Cover: It provides the ability to switch visible grate or a tile insert for greater adaptability of the shower space.

Linear drain solutions at are high-quality, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. Each linear shower drain we supply comes complete with all the necessary components for installation, ensuring an effortless experience for our customers. 

Types of Linear Shower Drains

Types of linear drains can be divided by design, and include drains such as:

  1. Standard linear drains
  2. Low-profile linear drains
  3. Wall-to-wall linear drains
  4. Wall upstand linear drains
  5. Tile insert linear drains

However, linear drain types can be also divided by the purpose and flooring material. They include:

  • EasyFlow Dual Series: Versatile and strong for wooden and concrete floors. Durable and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel adjustable legs and pre-glued waterproof membrane for secure fix and leak prevention.
  • Clamp Line Series: For vinyl floors with modern design. Adjustable legs for different installations and stainless steel cover in multiple styles. McAlpine HC26 50mm is a great complimentary waste trap for efficient drainage and clog prevention.
  • Microcement Compatible Drains: Fits with microcement floors for a seamless look. Adjustable frame heights for different thicknesses. Multiple finishing options and low-profile grates for elegance. Secondary drainage system for overflow and water damage prevention.

Why Choose Linear Shower Drains?

Linear drains for shower have become increasingly popular in modern wet room designs due to their sleek appearance and superior performance. Here are some of the key reasons to consider a linear drain for your wet room project:


Linear drains are suitable for a wide range of applications. They integrate with various flooring materials, including tiles, stone, and even vinyl. They come in various sizes, such as this linear drain Wiper 600 mm Premium Pure, which is one of the shortest linear drains, fitting even small bathrooms. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Unlike traditional central drains, linear drains offer a minimalist look that enhances the visual appeal of the wet room. They can be installed flush with the floor, creating a continuous, barrier-free surface that is both elegant and functional.

Efficient Water Removal

The elongated shape of linear drains provides a larger surface area for water to flow into, which means they can handle a higher flow rate more efficiently. This makes them ideal for larger showers or wet rooms with multiple shower heads.


Linear drains are a perfect solution for barrier-free showers, making them ideal for creating accessible bathrooms. Their design allows for easy access eliminating the need for a step or threshold.

Possible disadvantages of linear shower drains

While linear shower drains offer many benefits, they can also have some disadvantages, such as:

Installation Complexity: Professional installation of a linear drain can be more complex, time-consuming, and expensive compared to a traditional point drain.

Precise Slope Requirement: The shower floor must be sloped precisely towards the drain, so it can work effectively. Incorrect slope can lead to water pooling or improper issues.

Maintenance: Linear drains are bigger compared to traditional drains, which can make them more difficult to clean.

Design and Layout Restrictions: Linear drains are typically longer than traditional drains, which can be a limitation in smaller shower spaces and complicate the layout of floor tiles.


Linear shower drains are a great solution for any bathroom project, offering unparalleled functionality and style. With features like adjustable legs, waterproof membranes, and various grate designs, linear drains ensure efficient water removal while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. At Wetrooms Design, we are committed to providing top-quality linear drains that cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements. Transform your shower into a modern oasis with our premium linear drains.

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