Posted: Fri 3rd May 2024

6 Common Tyre Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

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Tyres are the only part of the car in contact with the road’s surface, and this can make them vulnerable to damage. But what are the most common tyre problems and how can you spot the early signs and forestall them before they derail your driving plans? Let’s have a look at the six most common tyre problems and how you can troubleshoot them.

Bald Tyres

Your tyres arrive with a hefty tread, usually measuring about 8 or 9mm, and the legal limit is to have at least 1.6mm of depth left over the central three-quarters of the contact surface (although mechanics recommend having as much 3mm over the whole contact surface when you start sourcing your new tyres). Keep an eye on your tread dept, and every now and then, use a twenty-pence piece to see how worn your treads have become. Once they have hit that recommended 3mm, it is time to source a new set of tyres!

Cracked Sidewall

The sidewall of your tyre should always be smooth and firm, both to look at and to touch. If this is not the case, and you can see deep cracks or fissures in the rubber, you should immediately seek your mechanic’s assistance. Cracks can be a sign of damage deep inside the tyre – and even if they are relatively superficial, their mere existence shows that the integrity of the tyre is compromised. Consult your local garage about any crack in your tyre’s sidewall, even if you are secretly convinced that it is very minor. Prioritize expert advice to ensure vehicle safety and mitigate the risk of breakdowns. When you’re ready to upgrade your car tyres, consider seeking help from Fife Autocentre for their specialised expertise.

Bulges and Dimples

Bulges and dimples in your tyre’s surfaces, whether the sidewall or the contact surface, are often a sign of damage deep inside the tyre. This means that one or more of the belts and steel reinforcing has gone astray – and that is most definitely not a good sign! Regular checks on your tyres will help you to pick up any issues inside the tyre, as will paying attention to the way your car drives. However, once you spot signs of internal damage in your tyre, you will almost certainly have to replace that tyre as soon as you can.

Misaligned Tyres

Misaligned tyres pull or push against each other on the axle; cause excess wear and tear; make your tyres noisy; and can even upset your fuel efficiency because the engine will have to work harder to turn these tyres against the extra friction. Tyre alignment is a simple procedure, being entirely computerised and completed in around an hour, that your local garage will be able to do for you quite cheaply. The savings in fuel and car repairs will more than pay for the alignment procedure.


Punctures are very easy to spot: your tyre will be flat! They can be fixed by either changing the tyre, if you carry a spare, or by patching the tyre and reinflating it. Both options have their merits: spare tyres are quick and relatively easy to change, while tyre patch kits allow you to keep your ‘correct’ tyres in place.

Wear and Tear

General wear and tear will slowly reduce the efficacy of your tyres, this much is widely known and accepted as just part of life. But using your emergency brake can cause much deeper patches of baldness or wear on your tyres, causing them to fall out of legal compliance – which is obviously not idea. Avoid excess wear and tear by always driving sensibly and obeying speed limits. This might seem quite unexciting, but your wallet – and your tyres – will thank you in the long run!

These are just six of the most common tyre issues: now you know what to look for and what to do if any of them happen to you!

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