Improved Shuttle Bus Service linking Chester and Deeside Industrial Park

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There will be shorter journey times and additional capacity on the Shuttle Bus Service linking Chester with Deeside Industrial Park from today July 22nd.  

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The improved service has been made possible by Cheshire West and Chester Council’s successful bid to the Government for £4.6m to fund a programme of measures that will improve access to jobs and training.

Building on the growing popularity of the Deeside Shuttle Service, two new minibuses will provide additional capacity between Deeside Industrial Park and Chester Bus Exchange via Handbridge, Lache, Saltney, Blacon and Saughall.  

The service also introduces a new return journey between Neston and Deeside Industrial Park, in the early morning and late afternoon, providing an opportunity for people from Neston to get to their place of work.  

Councillor Lynn Riley, Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Executive Member for Localities said: It’s great to know that this service is proving to be so successful in helping people to travel to and from work at Deeside Industrial Park and to be able to respond to this popularity by further improving this service.

”Journeys must be booked in advance and some also serve Chester and Hooton railway stations.”

Gemma Griffiths, Internal Communications and Engagement Coordinator, Iceland Foods said: “”The shuttle is an extremely valuable resource to many of our Deeside based colleagues who will be delighted with the changes being introduced to the Shuttle Service.”

The Deeside Shuttle arrives at Deeside Industrial Park at 7.40 am, 8.40 am and 1.50 pm Monday to Friday, returning at 2.05 pm, 4.05 pm and 5.15 pm. Some journeys also serve Chester and Hooton railway stations and Neston.

The cost is £3 for a single journey or 10 journeys for £20.  You can only travel on the Shuttle bus if you book your place in advance. 

For further details and to to book a place, please ring the Shuttle team on 01244 973039, or go to our website at to view the timetable or to find out more.

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