Mary Davies – UKIP – Delyn

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I am a self-employed registered complimentary medical practitioner, who used to work for Courthaulds.
A very active supporter of Brexit, I campaigned for Vote Leave and Leave Means Leave to free the UK from EU domination in the historic referendum.
Having always viewed devolution as the first step towards the disastrous break-up of the UK, I fully endorse the UKIP policy of giving the people of Wales a legally binding referendum on whether they wish to scrap this remote, very expensive, inefficient and failed Senedd or Welsh Assembly – which has proved to be a good deal for the South Wales dominated political elite and certainly a bad deal for the people of Delyn in particular and North Wales in general.
Granting the Assembly even more powers, as advocated by the cosy establishment political parties, would lead Wales along the terrible slippery slope of Welsh independence – which would result in economic catastrophe for the people in the Delyn constituency where I’m standing, as there is a shortfall of over £14 billion between the amount of tax raised in Wales and Welsh Government expenditure.
We are therefore better, stronger, safer and more prosperous together as one United Kingdom.


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