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The Dangers of DIY Boiler Repairs: Why You Need a Professional in the UK

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Have you ever thought of fixing your boiler yourself just to save some money? While it may seem tempting initially, what if we tell you that DIY boiler repairs can cost you more in terms of not only money but health, too? That’s why boiler professionals always advise people to call a boiler engineer whenever they need an emergency boiler repair.

The winters are harsh in the UK, and boilers are used in every home, school, office, hospital and other important places to keep the building warm and comfortable. A malfunctioned boiler can cause great distress for humans residing or working within the building. But you should never attempt to repair the boiler yourself. Want to know why? Let’s explore!

The Dangers of DIY Boiler Repairs

DIY boiler repair might seem cost-effective in the beginning, but it comes with major risks that can affect the life of your boiler and the humans living or working around it.

  1. Gas Leaks

Most of the boilers in the UK are gas boilers. The gas used as fuel is carbon monoxide, a silent killer. When you perform DIY repairs, you may accidentally damage the gas line, connectors or other major components, which can lead to gas leaks.

Carbon monoxide has no odour or colour, so you might not realise that it’s leaking. When you inhale this gas, it causes headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and confusion. This puts your and your people’s lives at risk. So, it’s essential to have an annual boiler service as it helps to detect any possible boiler failures in advance.

  1. Risk of Fire

There’s always a risk of fire when it comes to DIY boiler repair. Boilers are complex systems that generate heat to supply hot water and produce steam for heating purposes. They also rely on electrical components for functioning. A single mistake during the repair, for example, connecting the wires incorrectly or using the wrong insulation material, can lead to overheating and sparking.

When you call your local boiler engineer for repair, they will be able to check and maintain safety mechanisms such as temperature sensors, pressure relief valves and flame sensors. Neglecting them or incorrectly reinstalling them during DIY repairs can decrease your boiler’s ability to respond to potential fire incidents and increase the risk of fatal accidents.

  1. Further Damage

Boilers have multiple components that work together to provide heating and hot water. Without any knowledge and expertise, you can damage other components while repairing one during DIY repairs. When you rely on online tutorials or your friend’s suggestion to repair your boiler, you’re not only your boiler’s life.

As someone who isn’t qualified to repair boilers, you may misinterpret symptoms and wrongly diagnose the problem. Also, you may lack the precision and attention to detail that an engineer who regularly performs boiler installation and repair has.

Why You Need a Professional Boiler Engineer?

Hiring a professional boiler engineer to perform the repairs ensures safety because they are trained to handle both gas and boiler safely. They possess the skills to diagnose a problem correctly, which helps maintain the longevity of your boiler.

  1. Expertise

Boiler engineers are experts in dealing with boiler issues as they perform one or another boiler repair on a daily basis. They have all the skills and knowledge to identify and fix the boiler problem promptly and efficiently.

They go through extensive training and certification processes to acquire qualifications that include working on various types and brands of boilers. Also, they know how to work with a boiler safely without putting anyone’s life, including theirs, at risk.

  1. Tools and Equipment

Boiler professionals have specialised tools and equipment for boiler service and repair, which you lack. They help them assess, find the fault, and resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to invest in those expensive tools only to use them once in a while.

Some of the tools they use include pipe cutters, combustion and flue gas analysers, pressure gauges and soldering equipment. They allow the engineers to check various aspects of the boiler, including temperature, pressure and gas emissions, to address the issues correctly.

  1. Warranty

You can’t ignore your boiler’s warranty when it comes to repairs. Many boiler companies mandate that a professional engineer carry out the gas boiler service and repair on time. Failing to do so can’t make your boiler warranty void.

Boiler engineers are qualified to carry out repairs safely, eliminating the risk of accidentally damaging the boiler components that invalidate the warranty. So, by hiring them, you can rest assured that your repairs and the investment associated with them are in safe hands.

On a Final Note

Like any other appliance, boilers can develop issues over time that demand immediate attention. Calling a professional boiler engineer is the best decision you can make instead of relying on DIY repairs that do more harm than good. We highly recommend RyGroup for any kind of boiler installation, repair and maintenance.

Unlike other companies, they provide emergency boiler service, which can be the service you need when you go through any boiler breakdowns during chilly winters. Get in touch with them to learn more about their boiler-related services.

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