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Construction Project Management: Staying on Track and Avoiding Overruns

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Do you often admire famous modern structures like the Burj Khalifa or V&A Dundee for their outstanding architecture? As an architect, builder or contractor, you might have thought a thousand times about how these magnificent structures of the world are standing tall and proud without toppling over or crashing down.  


The secret lies in meticulous project management and the materials that came from the best building material supplier of their time. Yes, you read it right. From one-story buildings and skyscrapers to bridges and road networks, every project requires proper management to be successful.  

So, what exactly is project management, how is it executed, and what makes it successful? Let’s find out who is at the top of Aggregate Suppliers or other building materials. 

What is Project Management in the Construction Industry? 

Construction project management involves planning, organising, and ensuring that every aspect of the construction project runs smoothly from beginning to end, from digging the first hole to putting up the last beam. It’s about making sure that the project is delivered on time and within budget. 

6 Essential Phases of Construction Project Management 

There are different stages in construction project management. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the process can be broken down into six essential phases. 

  1. Planning

Planning is the blueprint and the most important phase of construction project management in which every detail is planned, and a roadmap is created. Here, the managers work closely with architects and engineers to define the scope of the project. 

  • Key Activities: The planning phase includes activities like setting project goals, deadlines and budgets to ensure everything stays on track and goes smoothly. 
  • Challenges: One of the biggest challenges during this phase is understanding the complexities of the project to ensure that everything is planned correctly and there are no delays and budget overruns. 


  1. Design

This phase is important as it sets the tone for the next phases and guides the construction team in bringing the planned project to life. Here, the architects, engineers and designers work according to the blueprint, considering factors like the purpose behind the construction, location, budget limits and building codes and regulations. 

  • Key Activities: The design phase activities include choosing the contractors, establishing communication channels, sketching out rough drawings and 3D designs, creating floor plans, determining the type materials and reviewing and approving the design. 
  • Challenges: The main challenge that the designers face here is balancing the aesthetics with the functionality, meeting regulatory requirements and managing client’s expectations. 
  1. Pre-Construction

In this phase, the project starts taking shape on paper before the actual construction begins. Missing out on this stage means inviting a successful project failure. Every aspect of this phase is thought out carefully so that everything goes according to plan efficiently.   

  • Key Activities: The key activities include obtaining permits, hiring contractors and ordering required materials. 
  • Challenges: Obtaining permits can be challenging sometimes if the design doesn’t comply with the building codes. Finding skilled contractors is another challenge. There can also be a shortage of materials from a particular supplier. 
  1. Procurement 

This is the phase where all the required materials, equipment, and services are sourced and hired to bring the project to life. To avoid potential hazards in the future, make sure that you’re getting your supplies from a reliable and trustworthy construction material supplier. 

  • Key Activities: This phase includes activities like finding the right supplier, negotiating prices, placing orders and managing deliveries. 
  • Challenges: Delays can be an issue here. The quality and price of materials may not match your expectations. Also, coordinating activities like keeping track of orders, deliveries, and payments can be a problem. 


  1. Post-Construction

This is the end phase of the construction process. Here, the project manager analyses the project before handing it over to the client. Every aspect of the project is scrutinised to ensure it meets the client’s expectations.  

  • Key Activities: This includes activities like inspection, warranty documentation and transferring the ownership and deliverables. 
  • Challenges: Time can be an issue here while coordinating with various contractors and sub-contractors to address punch list items. Meeting your client’s expectations can be another problem. 

5 Tips for a Successful Construction Project 

So many things go into making a construction project successful. Here are five tips to help your construction project management successful: 

  • Maintain clear communication throughout the phases to ensure every involved person knows what’s going on in the project. 
  • Monitor schedules, budgets and documents to avoid confusion.  
  • Be prepared for unexpected delays and setbacks in advance and take necessary measures. 
  • Prioritise the safety of the workers through regular inspections. 
  • Choose experienced contractors and suppliers who deliver quality work and materials. 

On a Final Note 

Every phase of construction project management requires careful planning, coordination, and dedication to succeed. By properly following the phases and tips mentioned in this article, you can stay on track and avoid overruns. We highly recommend getting all your construction materials from a reliable and experienced supplier like KBS Builders Merchant. 

For the past twenty years, they have been supplying quality construction materials to every type of project. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure you are happy and satisfied with their products and materials. Get in touch with them to discuss your construction materials requirements now. 

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