Posted: Tue 9th Jul 2024

4 Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Want to Make Tons of Gold in WoW

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Ever wonder why some players rake in gold while you’re just scraping by to get a mount? You might be doing something wrong! In today’s article, we’ll cover the most common mistakes that people make on their gold-making journey, which can seriously cut into their profits. By ditching a few bad habits and tweaking your Auction House routine, you can easily boost your earnings and make the gold-making process much faster and more enjoyable. To kickstart your journey to riches, consider buying WoW gold from boosting services like WowVendor. They offer various packages for all current versions of the game, so you can choose any amount and get it within a few hours.

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into the mistakes you should avoid to finally start making tons of gold in Dragonflight.

What Actually Stops You from Making Millions of Gold in Dragonflight?

Not Doing Your Research

This is probably the most common mistake among newbies, but even more experienced players often make it too. Many tend to craft, gather, or loot mobs for various items, just to throw them on the Auction House and then wonder why nobody is buying anything. If it were that simple, everyone in WoW would be a billionaire. 

In fact, the Auction House is very volatile and heavily dependent on player behavior and in-game events, so before you post items, you need to understand what’s currently in demand and why. Is there a new raid on the horizon or a day when guilds typically do their runs? That’s a great time to be selling consumables like potions and food. Trying to enter the legendary market late in the patch? Think twice if you want to take that risk, because the chances of finding buyers at that point are very low. 

Auction addons like TSM can also help with your market research a lot, showing average prices, daily sale volumes, and other info to help you make an informed decision on whether to post that item now or not.

Not Undercutting

This mistake is also typical for new players who haven’t quite figured out how the Auction House works. The thing is that the AH operates on a Last In First Out basis, meaning the last item listed at the most favorable price shows up first in the buyer’s search and is likely to be purchased first. To achieve this, you’ll need to closely monitor the Auction House and ensure that nobody has posted a better offer, pushing you off the top of the list. This requires you to always undercut your competitors.

Undercutting basically means being the last person to post a listing at the lowest price. However, undercutting too much is also a big mistake. You don’t need to drop the price by dozens or hundreds of gold, and certainly not to the point where your profit is zero or you even lose gold on the sale. Usually, undercutting by a few copper coins will do just fine. Sometimes, you don’t even need to lower the price but simply cancel and relist the item at the same price your competitor is offering.

Ignoring Profession Tool Enchants

Many players still don’t know that they can buy or craft enchants for their profession tools to boost certain attributes. For example, increasing Resourcefulness can save you tons of materials in your crafts, which in turn prevents you from losing gold and allows you to make a bigger profit. Another example is Perception, which is available to gatherers. High values of this attribute will increase your chances of extracting rare reagents from nodes, which also has a huge impact on your earnings.

Important note: These enchants scale with your character, so to get the most out of them, try to max out. As for obtaining them, it’s simple. If you are an Enchanter and have the recipes, you can craft them yourself. If not, they can be picked up at the Auction House at a reasonable price.

Not Sticking to the Daily Routine

When it comes to making gold, consistency is key. You need to understand that stable profits require time and dedication. Whether it’s doing World Quests, logging into your bank alt, or canceling and relisting items at the Auction House, you need to stick to your routines and do them every day. This is crucial because, without a consistent effort, you won’t make much gold. Sure, you might get lucky at the Auction House once in a while, but that’s not a reliable strategy. If you slack off, you’ll miss out on huge opportunities and income. Meanwhile, players who methodically and systematically farm gold daily will build up a much larger fortune than you. Just establish your routines and incorporate them into your gaming sessions. Even dedicating just half an hour a day to gold farming can significantly boost your earnings in the long run.

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