Deeside Shuttle Service Under Threat in Council Bus Review

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Flintshire County Council are to review all subsidised bus services in Deeside and the wider Flintshire region.

deeside shuttle

The council have launched an online consultation process and review that could see changes to key services in Deeside, including the shuttle service

From 1st April 2013, Welsh Government has made changes to the way it subsidises bus services and community transport in Wales, which has meant a cut in bus grant funding across Wales from £33m to £25m per annum, leaving a £224,000 hole in Flintshire CC funding for bus services.

As a result of the changes, the Council said it was committed to undertake a fundamental review of its subsidised bus services during the financial year 2012/13 in order to determine the future level of support

Some routes servicing vital locations such as Deeside Community hospital, are under review, for many people buses are the only means of transport to visit sick relatives in hospital, routes that service vital employment areas such as Deeside industrial park are also under review.

As well as the Deeside shuttle other routes deemed too costly to maintain or in need of review are the #7 & #7x Mold -Deeside College, the #13 Sunday service through Broughton, the #10 Sunday evening service Connahs Quay to Chester the #110 Aston -Mold 

The council have stressed there are no proposals to cut peak time journeys that carry learners for school or workers, however many of those who are employed within key employment areas work late or early morning shifts, there will undoubtedly be potential disruption to many commuters, and may make jobs within areas under review less accessible to those relying on buses for transport. 

The consultation affects contracted services only, bus services that are not mentioned operate commercially, and are outside the direct control of the County Council and therefore outside the scope of this consultation.

A full list of services can be found here Flintshire Bus Services those marked Subsidised  are all under review.

The review assesses services in a “traffic light” format, with green being a cost effective service, amber requiring some form of further review and possible discussion with the bus operator and red being a service which is not cost effective to run in its current form. You can view the document here Review

The consultation process will take place between 12th August to 11th October 2013 you can access the online questionnaire here Bus Services

However with  over 30% of residents in Deeside classed as digitally excluded, potentially many voices will go unheard, but fear not, for those who are digitally excluded they can email for a printed copy!!!


Flintshire County Council web site










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